What people are saying about Triple Cream®

Parents and Pediatricians love Triple Cream because it helps heal severe dry skin. But don’t take our word for it — read what they have to say.

  • “I always recommend Triple Cream.”

    “For my little patients with dry, itchy skin I always recommend Triple Cream. It works!” Maria Serratto Benvenuto M.D Chicago, IL
  • “I tried Triple Cream and had great results.”

    “I have very dry eyelids and have tried many products, including a prescription. I tried Triple Cream and had great results. I’m so glad you came up with the right formula for me. Thank you.” Dorothy Katz Boca Raton, FL
  • “Triple Cream is excellent!”

    “Triple Cream is excellent! I tried it after failure with other creams or ointments and guess what? Success. I strongly recommend this fabulous product.” Rolando Lozano M.D. Springfield, NJ
  • “Natural cream that makes a significant improvement.”

    “Outstanding cream. Never a complaint. Natural cream that makes a significant improvement. Highly recommend it!” Heidi Winkler M.D. Norwalk, CA
  • “It really works.”

    “I like Triple Paste because it really works. It goes on thick, stays on, and covers a large area. I use it on my son, who also suffers with eczema. It relieves itching and is my only medication.” Euldricka O'Reggio M.D. East Windsor, NJ
  • “Excellent emollient with good staying power”

    “I’ve had the confidence of using Triple Paste and recommend it often, therefore when Triple Cream became available I did not hesitate to try it. I found Triple Cream to be an excellent emollient with good staying power on the skin. I recommend it for eczema and severely dry skin.” Vanessa Victor Linkenholder M.D. Bradenton, FL
  • “I frequently recommend Triple Cream”

    “Living in the dry Arizona climate, I see many pediatric patients with dry skin and eczema. I frequently recommend Triple Cream for my younger population because it is steroid-free. Using Triple Cream on the cheeks is much safer for my patients. I also buy it for my own grandchild.” Kim Ford MSN FNP-BC Fort Mohave, AZ
  • “I’m strongly recommending it to my patients”

    “In the past, I received Triple Cream and I’m strongly recommending it to my patients and families to use it. Triple Cream penetrates especially rapidly, spreading on the skin making it so moisturized without any smell. It is excellent, very convenient for patients with dry skin, allergies, and eczema.” Mi Ja Choi M.D. Flushing, NY
  • “Triple Cream works great.”

    “I’ve seen some dramatic improvement in several of my patients with atrophy. For the older patient who opposes the feel of thick petroleum agents, Triple Cream works great. It stays on the skin without feeling sticky. Also, it has lessened the use of topical steroids. Great product!” Karen Martin Conway, AR
  • “Wonderful moisturizer”

    “I have two daughters with eczema and I always try new products on their skin prior to giving/recommending them to patients. This product is a wonderful moisturizer without leaving a very greasy feeling. I have begun to recommend this product to my patients who also love it.” Lloydetta Stovall M.D. Memphis, TN
  • “Its moisturizing effects are amazing”

    “I have used and recommended Triple Cream for years. Its moisturizing effects are amazing and children do improve their eczema. The results are noticeable!” Lillian Reguero M.D. Orlando, FL
  • “Good consistency that patients love.”

    “Results after using Triple Cream are very quick. Good consistency that patients love. Patients and I are very satisfied! Thank you. ” Alicja Uczkowska M.D. Garfield, NJ
  • “An excellent product.”

    “We tried it on our own child with eczema and dry skin and with only one application saw a huge difference! It spreads easily and is non-greasy — overall, an excellent product.” William Utley M.D. Libertyville, IL
  • “Families really see the difference.”

    “Triple Cream is given to our patients for their skin and families really see the difference. Eczema is difficult to treat and manage. They find more ease with Triple Cream.” Marie Philobos M.D. Darien, IL
  • “Effective, soothing, and protective moisturizing cream”

    “Triple Cream is an inexpensive, effective, soothing, and protective moisturizing cream which can be used safely over large areas of skin for prolonged periods of time with both children and adults with eczema or dry, itchy skin.” Vincent Cipollaro M.D. New York, NY
  • “It works gently on skin”

    “I have used and continue to recommend Triple Cream for care of my patients’ skin–it works gently on skin and, from personal experience, it is very effective in the management of severely dry skin.” Louisa Lawson M.D. Jackson, MS
  • “It helped in moisturizing the skin and decreasing the itching”

    “I have found Triple Cream useful for my pediatric patients with dry skin and eczema conditions: it helped in moisturizing the skin and decreasing the itching associated with it. I am pleased to use Triple Cream with young patients.” Tariq Sheikh M.D. Chester, VA
  • “A+ in my book.”

    “Let me start by saying I use Triple Cream for most of my patients that present severely dry skin. I could list many positives and go on and on about Triple Cream; but, in reality, I use it because it works. Like a charm. To top it all off, it doesn’t leave you with that awful oily feeling after use. A+ in my book.” Holly Mays C.P.N.P. Gadsden, AL
  • “Triple Cream works well to moisturize”

    “I’ve used Triple Cream on my child, who has eczema, and have recommend Triple Cream and given samples to my patients. Triple Cream works well to moisturize and reduce the need for corticosteroids in my eczema patient and child. I highly recommend this product!” Vicki Duong M.D. Sacramento, CA
  • “Thank you for producing a product that does what it promised.”

    “My baby had extremely dry skin on his toes. I tried multiple products and nothing worked. I noticed your ad in the newspaper that guaranteed results. I purchased your premium Triple Cream and told my husband not to throw away the box. I was tired of spending money on products that didn’t work and I was going to use your 100% satisfaction guarantee if it didn’t work. To my surprise, his toes are healed. I threw away the box and swear by your product. Thank you for producing a product that does what it promised. I will definitely try other products of yours. ” P.A. Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
  • “There is a huge difference in all of our family’s skin.”

    “I just wanted to let you know how awesome Triple Cream is. During these winter months, both of my kids have been getting chapped and dry skin around their mouths. I have been dabbing just a bit around the mouth (not on the lips). Within minutes to an hour that dry skin isn’t even visible anymore. You guys sent this to me for free to try–I am so thankful! This is our first year living in Nevada. There is a huge difference in all of our family’s skin. But now we have a product to use that really works. Thank you very much!” Mother of 2 Reno,NV
  • “I had seen a huge improvement.”

    “I was looking for a product to help my baby with his eczema. We have tried everything we could find so I was hoping this cream would really work. I bought it and applied the cream to my baby’s back and arms after a bath and the next day I had seen a huge improvement. By the third day his eczema was almost completely gone. We have been using the cream for a week and see no signs of his eczema anymore.” Amanda W., Mother of Alex City State, FL
  • “I am so in love with this”

    “I am so in love with this product. I’m a woman of 71 years of age and this cream keeps the heels of my feet, as well as my elbows, so very soft. There are just no other products on the market that can compare.” Phylis A. Brooklyn, NY
  • “Triple Cream has been amazing”

    “Triple Cream has been amazing for my babies’ dry skin. It’s the only thing that’s helped and we are so thankful for the product! Thanks Triple Cream!” Danielle M. Mount Holly, NC