Making changes in your child’s day to day life is the easiest way to control mild to severe eczema. The following guidelines may help to reduce severity and prevent flare-ups:

  • Apply Triple Cream regularly (two to three times a day). Continuous moisturizing will lock in the skin’s own moisture preventing dryness and cracking. The most effective time to apply Triple Cream is immediately following bath time.
  • Limit exposure to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. This will help to prevent overheating and dry skin.
  • Avoid sweating or overheating, which oftentimes increases the need to itch and scratch the skin.
  • Reduce contact with potential skin irritants such as: perfumes, cosmetics, wool, detergents, household cleaners, etc. Additionally, refrain from using personal care products that contain alcohol.
  • Use a cold compress to help relieve itchy skin. Scratching will often lead to infections as bacteria can set in through the skin. Applying a cold compress will help to reduce inflammation and curb the desire to itch.
  • Cut your child’s fingernails. Keeping their fingernails short will help prevent puncturing of the skin. You may also place cotton gloves on your child to help prevent scratching.
  • Take it easy. Stress plays a critical role in causing eczema to worsen and flare-up. Learning to reduce one’s stress level can go a long way to keeping eczema under control.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics, wool, and other rough materials that can irritate the skin. When possible dress in clothes that are loose fitting and made of cotton. Fabrics such as wool can irritate the skin increasing the likelihood of flare-ups.
  • Always wash new clothes before wearing. This will help to eliminate excess dyes and fabric finishers which can irritate the skin when washing their clothes. Double rinsing their clothes and using fragrance free or neutral pH detergent can help limit flare-ups.