Signs and Symptoms

Depending on your child’s age the signs and symptoms of eczema can vary. With infantile eczema, which appears from ages 2-6 months, children will experience itchy, dry, red skin with small bumps on their cheeks, forehead, or scalp. The rash can spread to the arms and legs, and red, crusted, or open lesions may appear. These symptoms usually occur before the age of five.

During infancy, oozing can occur with a crusting rash, mainly on the face and scalp. During childhood, the rash oftentimes becomse drier and tends to be red to brown-gray in color.

Atopic dermatitis usually begins between the ages of 5-7. Symptoms may include:

  • Red to brownish-gray colored patches.
  • Itching that becomes worse at night.
  • Small, raised bumps which may leak fluid and can crust over when scratched.
  • Thickened, cracked or scaly skin.
  • Patches can occur anywhere but are most often seen on the hands and feet, behind the knees, and on the ankles, wrists, face, neck, upper chest, and arms.